Hi, my name is Randy. Since receiving my Lego set, I knew that architecture was my calling. I presently work for IDEO, bringing nine years of experience in retail design and roll-out execution, office design, residential design, fabrication, and prototyping. I count American Apparel, O2, the University of Cincinnati, the City of Stamford, CT, the Forum for Urban Design, and the Architectural League of New York among my past clients.

Before IDEO, I oversaw the design and execution of a multi-year worldwide retail design and construction program for American Apparel, the LA-based retailer that brought colorful, fitted T-shirts to four continents. For O2, the United Kingdom’s leading mobile-phone provider, I supported a multi-year design and construction program as part of the design team not only designing brand installations at the flagship brand-experience store, but supporting new retail prototypes throughout the UK.

At IDEO I am a Project Leader and Senior Environments Designer working with such diverse clients as Citibank, State Farm, Steelcase, and Walgreens. I have worked on projects ranging from new digital communication tools, to projects which fuse digital and physical experiences, to projects which create entirely new retail strategy and concepts.

The opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer, with whom this website is not affiliated.

Please contact me at the following email address: randy AT plemel DOT com.